Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kathy's Recipe Box

Anyone with food restrictions who has ventured to Kathy's Recipe Box will tell you what an invaluable resource it is. Unfortunately, Kathy's site was hit repeatedly by some viruses and lost a whole lot of data. As a result, the site has recently moved. I have updated my link under "Allergy Blogs" to reflect this. I don't believe she has EVERYTHING up which she had on her old site, and it's possible (don't quote me on this but...) some of the recipes which were on her old site are lost forever as she sometimes posted them only to her site, without writing them down on paper any place. In addition, she has been struggling with some health problems recently in "real life", so please try to be understanding if her posting is not as frequent as it was not so long ago.
Regardless, if you have been there, you also know that Kathy's recipes are delicious and her blog is absolutely worth following.

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