Sunday, May 9, 2010


As any baker worth their salt knows, the holy grail of all baking is bread. Warm, delicious, soft and chewy bread. With jam. Or honey. Or maybe, if you're one of those lucky enough to eat dairy, mmm butter. There are few bakers who can say that they have ever opened their oven door and beheld the Perfect Golden Loaf. After many, many years of baking, I felt privileged to count myself among them.
When we first started down this road 2 years ago, I dreamed of bread- gluten free bread good enough that you could make a sandwich the next day. For the first 2 months, I spent day after day after day trying (and failing) to produce anything that truly resembled bread. Of course, our journey is complicated by the additional dietary restrictions of eggs, dairy and nuts, which are often called for in gluten-free recipes. The first two, as I'm sure you all know, provide some of the missing "structure" which gluten usually produces and are called for, more often than not, in gluten free bread recipes.
What happened after those first 2 months, you ask? Well, I moved on. We had adjusted to life without bread and "replacing" the treats became imperative as the middle son's birthday loomed and visions of sad children danced in my head. Then I fell pregnant and, as any woman with hyperemesis will tell you, food was the last thing on my mind!
As the days, weeks and months have passed, the dream of bread has faded, though it still sits in a little jar on the shelf in my mind, waiting for me to return. And return I shall. Perhaps even today. For I have in my oven, right this moment, a loaf of bread rising. Will it be good? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I'm betting on probably not after all the "tweaking" I did with it. (I know you're reading this, Kathy. Try to tell me that you wouldn't do the same. :p And there really wasn't much tweaking... I swear! You'll see later.)

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Gluten Free Sourdough Baker said...

HI Jacqueline,
Our families have similar food allergies. I have developed gluten free sourdough recipes around these allergies. I have combined old fashioned sourdough techniques with gluten free seed and grain flours and have come up with excellent, delicious breads, muffins and pancakes. They are also free of dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, sweeteners, gums and baking powder. Very suitable for sensitive digestions.
I have posted a free download of the starter recipe plus pancake recipe:
This type of baking takes some time to understand and master so it will not be for everyone. With planning it doesn't have to be time consuming. For people able to take the time it's well worth it as the breads are tasty, easy to digest and have an extremely long shelf life!
My complete, and continually growing recipe book, Art of Gluten Free Sourdough Baking, is available in pdf and print form on my website,

Good Luck and Eat Well!
sharon a. kane