Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Stamp Challenge

If you had to, could you live only off the amount allotted to you by the government for food?
I realize this isn't exactly a Canadian post since it deals with American food stamps. In Canada, the equivalent would be social assistance but even then there's the catch that (most) Canadians don't pay for health care so whatever money they receive doesn't need to be stretched to accommodate that additional expense.
This blogger has assigned herself the challenge of living on a food stamp budget for the month. The catch? It needs to be only whole foods, in the style of Nourishing Traditions.
Then there's this blogger who's an inspiration in and of herself. She feeds 13 on a $800 budget.
It would be doubly interesting to me to see someone do it with allergies. Can it be done? I want to say yes but I'm just not sure.

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