Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things most take for granted- Condiments

It's easy to take things for granted. People do it every day. They take it for granted that they will be able to go to the store to buy ketchup and mustard, for example. They take it for granted that they will be well enough to cook.
It's not as easy to take things for granted when you have a child with food allergies and/or intolerances. As I think I've mentioned before, my son is allergic to dairy and intolerant to wheat/gluten and eggs. We've recently added soy to that list, though we haven't yet removed it from use. My son, unlike most of the gluten-intolerant, cannot tolerate distilled white vinegar. This makes it difficult for us to find ready made condiments which he can eat and, when we are so lucky as to find them, they're incredibly expensive. So, I've resorted to making my own. I intend only to use the ketchup I make in recipes which call for it for now (until I've perfected it), but the mustard is something my son loves.
Unfortunately, my son has been out of mustard for the last 4 months. Although I have found a brand which makes ketchup with cider vinegar, I have not found a brand which makes mustard with the same, which means that I don't have a choice about making mustard for him. Either I make mustard for him or he doesn't have any.
Right around the time he ran out of mustard, I found out I was pregnant with our third son. While this might not slow down most women, I get very ill during most of the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy. I have what is called hyperemesis gravidarum. Although I consider mine to be mild- meaning it is manageable- it still makes life incredibly miserable. I can't cook. I can't eat. I can't do a lot of things that I normally take for granted. Thankfully, it has ended a little earlier than normal this time around, so today I made mustard for my son and, since I was at it, I decided to make ketchup too.
I'll be back in a little while to post those recipes.

Okay, so a little while turned into 5 months. Oops.

Jacqueline's Yellow Mustard Recipe:
1/2 c ground mustard
1 1/4 t salt
1/8 t turmeric
1/4 t garlic powder
1/8 t paprika

2/3 c water
1/3 c apple cider vinegar

Put all the dry ingredients into a small saucepan. Mix the water and vinegar together in a measuring cup and slowly add to the dry ingredients to make a smooth paste. Turn the heat to medium and continue adding the vinegar mixture to achieve desired consistency. Bring to a boil and allow to boil 5 minutes, stirring constantly to avoid lumps and adding more of the vinegar mixture to maintain your desired consistency. After 5 minutes, taste test to see if it is "mellow" enough for your tastes. If it is not, continue to boil (don't forget to keep stirring!!), testing every minute. Once it has reached your desired level of mellowness, refrigerate immediately to avoid it becoming TOO earthy.
I've kept this for up to 6 weeks in the fridge, though it's usually used up long before that.


Kim said...

Hi! I'm an MDC mom that happened upon your blog link while reading today. There are some organic brands of mustard that use ACV instead of white vinegar. I purchased one at a Bruno's grocery store a while back but can't remember the name. I found another brand online while searching just now:

Jacqueline said...

Thanks, Kim. That's great. I've never heard of the Bruno's grocery stores but I will look at that link you provided! Much appreciated. :)

Kim said...

The brand I got from Bruno's is called Full Circle. I finally found a picture of it online but have no idea where else to buy it.

Anonymous said...

I thought distilled white vinegar was usually corn (I know that Heinz is). Is it possible that he's intolerant of corn too? Not that I want to wish that on anyone... I'm going to try your mustard recipe.

Jacqueline said...

When Jessica and I were researching it, we found out that it's either corn, wheat or petroleum based. That's right. In case you're in disbelief or think you didn't read that properly, I'll repeat it... Distilled white vinegar may be PETROLEUM.
I'm sure he's not reacting to corn. We've bought some TJ's products labeled as "White vinegar (corn)" and he doesn't react to them.