Sunday, July 13, 2008

Famine and War

Well, finally Bush tried to do something right, or so it appears. Unfortunately, Congress did not agree.
For those of you who have no idea as to what I'm taking about, check out this article on BusinessWeek's site.
I am no proponent of President Bush by any means. His stance on so many foreign issues absolutely astounds me with their short-sightedness sometimes. Just this week, in fact, he decided he would back Israel against Iran if they (Isreal) came up with a plan. That has the possibility of coming to bite the US in the proverbial ass.
In fact, I was floored to find out he had suggested spending 25% of this year's foreign food aid on food from other countries. After all, his business is oil. Shipping food overseas from the US could only benefit him. Considering that the majority of his decisions as President, to this point, seem to have been only things which benefit him and his friends, this turn-about was surprising. Then I thought about it. Chances are he knew that Congress wouldn't go for it, so what did he really risk by making the suggestion? Nothing. In fact, I think he did it, once again, for his own profit- or, at least, the profit of his party.
We all know it's an election year and I'm pretty sure we all know that President Bush's approval rating is the worst for any President ever. I don't doubt that his decision to ask Congress to earmark 25% of the foreign food budget for food from other countries was a purely political one, not one showing his days of being as near-sighted as a bat are over. The likelihood of another candidate from the Republican party being elected this year when his own approval rating is so incredibly low are zero to none. The American public does not want to risk having another President whose agenda is similar to Bush's and the chances of that happening with someone from his own party are much higher than with a President from another party.
Well, as usual around here, I need to get back to the kitchen.

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